Pest Bird Removal Methods

We use various methods to rid your premises of pest birds. Among these methods are Stainless Steel Spikes, Stealth Netting, AVI Strand Wire, Perimeter Roof Proofing, Electric Shock Track Systems, Baiting Programs and Shooting. Call Forensic Pest Control today on 1300 360 457.


Stainless Steel Spikes

Having stainless steel spikes in place will prevent birds from being able to sit on whichever surface the spikes were placed on. We use either screws or adhesive glue, which enables us to install these spikes on almost any surface like business signage, beams, lights, pipes, ledges, security cameras and any other place they may try to find a foothold.

The spikes are made from stainless steel so they can withstand even the worst weather conditions. They come in different sizes and can be curved or cut to suit the architectural design of any building.

Stealth Netting Installed to Gravel Roof Top

Stealth Netting for Gravel Roof Top

This netting earned the name ‘stealth’ because it is almost undetectable to even the human eye once it has been installed. It is available in various colors and sizes and is made of very thin, strong strands of polyethylene twine, making it very strong and highly resistant to ultraviolet rays. Once stealth netting is in place, it covers roof tops, car parks, garages, loading docks and almost any building to make it impossible for pest birds to gain access.

Protected Window Ledge with Avi Strand Wire

Protected Window Ledge with Avi Strand Wire

When you need to deter pest birds without affecting the aesthetics of your building, you need AVI Strand Wire. It is virtually invisible from the ground so it will not spoil the look of your building.AVI Strand Wire is a stainless steel post and wire system that can be used effectively to deter larger birds like pigeons. It can be secured to most surfaces, using UV stable post support bases. If needed, we also use custom made edge saver stainless steel brackets.

Perimeter Roof Proofing installed to the Guttering

Perimeter Roof Proofing installed to the Guttering

By proofing the perimeter of the roof, pest birds and even rodents find it impossible to gain access to your building via the roof.This proofing is made from aluminium and has a powder coat finish which can be done to suit the color of your roof. It is strong and will not warp or burn. This is the most compatible protection against pest birds for all roofing types.This proofing is not only good to deter birds. It also helps keep your gutters clean and free from leaves and debris. When applied to the lip of the gutter, the other side is placed over the first and under the second tile, thus covering the gutter and stopping debris from getting into it. For a metal roof, it will be fastened to the roof by saddle clips.


Bird Shock Electric Track

Bird Shock Electric Track

One of the most effective deterrents against all bird species, is the Electric Shock Track System. It is made from PVC and stainless steel and will not be harmed by UV rays. The track is available in different colors and is very flexible so it can be adapted to the design of any building you need it on. It is only ¼ inch high and can’t be seen from the ground looking up.Based on the principal of ‘fright and flight’, it conditions the bird to start avoiding the area in which it was frightened by the electric shock.The track should not be used in areas that are accessible to pedestrians.

Bird_Trap (1)

Pest Bird Trap

Where there is a large population of pest birds, traps are used. The traps are available in different sizes to make provision for different sized birds.The traps are set in places birds roost or feed and are checked every 24 hours. Initially birds are fed on untreated grain in a secluded area. Once their confidence is gained, they are fed a grain that has been treated with a narcotic substance. This enables easy capture of the birds. Birds that are caught in these traps are euthanized according to government regulations.


National Parks & Wildlife always has to give a permit before a baiting program can be initiated.

The baiting method works very well where a specific pest bird is being targeted.


There are times and situations when shooting is the quickest and most efficient way of getting rid of pest birds. When the situation requires it, Forensic Pest Management Services is Government licensed to use air rifles to remove pest birds in built-up areas like warehouses, factories, shopping centers and schools.

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Solar Panel Bird Proofing Sydney

Birds Nest under Solar Panel
Birds Nesting Under Solar Panels

Solar Panels before ProofingBefore proofing

Solar Panels after ProofingAfter proofing


Birds nesting or Pigeons under Solar panels throughout Sydney is on the rise. Solar Panels provide the best protection for birds as the gap between your solar panels and the roof allows the birds to roost and build their nests whilst being protected from the weather. Unfortunately birds under solar panels pose many dangers and health risks for the home owner.

Reasons to Protect your Solar Panels:

  1. Bird faeces are extremely corrosive which can cause damage to your solar panels, roof and gutters.
  2. Built up bird faeces and nesting materials on your solar panels reduces their overall efficiency to work.
  3. Nesting materials and bird faeces accumulating under the Solar Panels blocks the overall free flow of water to be able to run down into your gutters. Gutters also become blocked and damaged causing in house water leaks.
  4. Birds, Bird faeces and their nests are full of bird lice and they also attract other pests such as cockroaches you do not want bird lice or cockroaches entering into your home.

What does our Solar Panel Bird Proofing System Offer:

  1. 100% protection Guaranteed from not only Pigeons but all bird species.
  2. Prior to the installation of your Solar Panel bird proofing all birds, nesting materials and their Faeces are removed.
  3. A bacterial agent specifically for bird Faeces can be applied to rid the harmful bacteria left from the toxic bird Faeces.
  4. Inspection of roof is carried out to ensure there are no birds nesting within the roof cavity.
  5. A Galvanised mesh is custom made to fit your solar panels. Galvanised Mesh is used to ensure adequate ventilation for the Solar Panels as well as providing an overall durable product. The Galvanised mesh also offers a very low visual impact to your roof and solar panel system when viewed from the ground up.
  6. Our system does not void your Solar Panel warranty or damage your Solar Panels as we do not drill, screw or glue any of our products to your solar panels.
  7. The Galvanised mesh is attached to your solar panels using our clip locking system.
  8. Any future maintenance or repairs to your solar panel system has been considered. Our Solar panel bird proofing system can be easily removed and reinstalled to allow access in the future.
  9. We are so confident in our workmanship that we will offer you a 5 year Guarantee.
Are you having problems with birds nesting under your solar panels ?
We can stop birds from going under your solar panels 100% Guaranteed.

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Past Projects


Stealth Netting Installed to Gravel Roof Top
Stealth Netting Installed to Protect Window Ledges


Exposed Gravel Roof Top Roof
Protected Window Ledge with Avi Strand Wire
Perimeter Roof Proofing installed to the Guttering



Bird Control

Myna Birds | Pigeons | Sparrows | Starlings

Pigeons Control Sydney

Example of Pigeons nesting within a building. Note the cockroach infestation, they feed off the Pigeons faeces

Bird Control Sydney for Indian Myna Bird

Indian Myna Bird

Most Australian birds are harmless creatures and mere joys of nature. However, there are some pest species around the Sydney metropolitan area. The most common of these are Pigeons, Sparrows, Minor Birds and Starlings. The main reason these birds are seen as pests is because they are carriers of mites and lice. They love to nest in buildings and then bring the mites and lice with them, posing a threat to human health.

The most common way birds gain entry to a building is under roof tiles, under broken ridge capping, drain hole pipes, chimneys and vents. In fact, a gap as small as a 50c piece is big enough for a bird to get into a building.

Inside the building they love to roost on exposed ledges, window sills, air-conditioning units, verandas, garages and many more. Sometimes birds will nest in down pipes or in guttering systems, causing problems with water flow and even causing moisture damage to internal walls. Bird faeces can also cause a disruption in the normal water flow in guttering, causing metal guttering to erode.

But there is a much bigger concern with pest and birds than mere damage to a building, this could be why you need bird control in Sydney. These birds can pose a severe health risk to humans. Fungal organisms like histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis and aspergillosis are commonly found in bird droppings. When the spores from these fungal organisms become airborne they can be inhaled, where they will cause influenza-like symptoms. In the elderly or others with a compromised immune system, it can develop in to more serious and even deadly illnesses.

The deadly food poisoning bacteria salmonella can also be carried in bird droppings. When humans come into contact with this virus, it can have deadly consequences.

Our mission at Forensic Pest Management Services is to rid your environment from pest birds by making their roosting and nesting sites inaccessible. We use various methods but are always committed to using only methods that are safe and humane.

When you contact us to report a problem with pest birds, one of our trained and certified technicians will come to your premises where he will assess the situation and discuss with you the best and most cost effective method for getting rid of the birds.

If you need help with bird control in Sydney then contact Forensic Pest Control today.