Meal moths are mostly found in moist or out of date grain and grain products. They have also been known to make their home in damp straw and other materials of vegetable origin. This is why they are such a pest in the food industry.

The horror of a customer finding a meal moth in food, will cost a business on a social level. It may even end up costing a business owner money in legal fees and penalties.

Moths eat both raw materials and prepared food. They also contaminate food products with their excrement, eggs, larvae, pupae, dead bodies and shed larval skins coming in contact with food.

Adult Meal moths generally have a wing span of between 20-25mm. Their forewings are brown while the rest of their wings are fawn in colour. Larval meal moths can be anywhere up to 24mm in length and are a greyish white colour with a dark head and prothorax.