The first and foremost problem with birds is that their mere presence on a commercial premises and their droppings on ledges, footpaths and other areas, can create the impression that it is dirty and unhygienic.

Birds are notorious carriers of mites and lice. They also carry various diseases that are hazardous to humans. Their droppings not only contaminates surfaces but also attracts other pests like cockroaches.

The infestation of bird mites begins as the birds begin to build their nests. These bird mites feed on the blood of the baby birds. After the babies have left the nest, the bird mites are left without a host or food. The mites are then forced to search for a new host and food and often these happen to be humans within that building.

When a bird mite bites, it injects its saliva, at the same time leading to a severe irritation causing rashes, inflammation and intense itching. Often the intense itching leads to an even more serious secondary infection.

Bird mites are tiny insects, barely visible to the naked eye. Because they live on birds, they are quite mobile. They measure only 0.1- 2.0mm in length, are oval-shaped and have a sparse covering of short hairs. They are almost transparent, until they ingest blood. Then they appear to be reddish-brown in colour and can be seen a bit easier.