Bed Bugs in seam of MattressBed bugs are creepy little creatures that feed on human blood. Except during the egg stage, bed bugs are blood feeders that prefer human blood. If they are unable to reach humans to feed, they will feed on any other warm-blooded animal.

Bed bugs are fast moving insects. But this is not why they are so widely spread across the world. Humans transport bed bugs with them in their clothes, luggage, bedding or furniture while going from one place to another.

Bed bugs are tiny and barely visible to the naked eye. They range in size from 6 mm to 0.24 inches in length. They are oval in shape and dorsoventrally flattened. Adult bed bugs are usually reddish-brown in colour, while the nymph is an almost colourless dark throughout its development. After feeding on some blood, the bed bug will appear to be more swollen, elongated and a darker colour.

A major problem in many parts of the world, bed bugs can infest even the cleanest, tidiest homes with a focus on collecting dead skin cells deposited in rich areas such as bed covers and mattresses that accumulate skin while we sleep. Proper bed bug control is required to prevent skin and eye damage, as well as irritation, inflammation and soreness from nocturnal bites.

As some of the smallest bugs in the insect world, bed bugs are particularly hard to eradicate as symptoms of bites are commonly associated with other items such as scratching or allergies. It’s especially important to control bed bugs for young children who are susceptible to bites.Forensic Pest Beg Bugs Congregating around bedframe

Our experts at Forensic Pest Control are a qualified team who can inspect your property for bed bugs. Our extermination and maintenance plans will ensure your home is kept happy and healthy during the night without a colony of bed bugs to disturb it. As a reputable provider of pest control services, Forensic Pest Control has received positive feedback from all our customers over the years. We can help sort out bed bug control immediately.

By publishing the latest  information on pest control solutions, we keep ahead of the industry with our attention to detail and research into pesticides and control methods. Our team can eradicate entire colonies of bed bugs within the space of a few days.

When bed bugs are involved, it’s best not to delay treatment. Contact us today.

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