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North Sydney is home to modern apartments, bustling businesses and domestic buildings; some of the finest in Australia. It’s also a very inner city area which a wealth of uninvited nasties such as silverfish, meal moths, ants, carpet beetles, cockroaches, termite inspection, residential & industrial removals, birds and more.

To get on top of pest control North Sydney, uou need to maintain a regular pest control plan to protect your investments and hygiene. Forensic Pest Control can help you with our expert base on biotechnology, customer service and licensing.

We are locally based and cover a huge range of locations across Sydney, the Central Coast and Hunter regions, Blue Mountains and Wollongong, and a range of others. If you’re not sure, just call us,  one of our smiling customer service professionals will be happy to assist your inquiry.

As an expert provider of pest control North Sydney, we service homes with the latest in biotechnology. These are economic, environmentally friendly and commercial solutions which can stop a pest colony in its tracks. For large infestations, multiple applications may be required. But rest assured, we provide a qualified service that covers maintenance and full eradication of all types of nasties.

We have been in the pest control North Sydney game for over ten years, and we have become a trusted name amongst local business, residential and hospitality. You’ll find our professionals highly customer focused, so you’ll never have to worry about asking any questions or voicing particular concerns. We also operate 24/7 for your convenience, and receive a high volume of return business from satisfied customers. Not convinced? Check out what they have to say,

To find out more about our service, please check out our blog or FAQ. You’ll find the most recent emergency updates, tips and price specials. There is also a well-maintained tips section to assist you in carrying out domestic pest control North Sydney.

“After dealing with several other pest controllers and spending pointless money, I am just grateful I came across Chris and will never look back thanks a million.”

“Due to the quality of service I get, I would not consider going anywhere else.”

There is a reason why Forensic Pest control is considered one of the top services for pest control in north Sydney. We provide every job with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! We realise how annoying these little creatures can be and we strive to get rid of them in a fast and efficient way. We will not harm the environment doing so like some other companies and also will never bring any harm to anybody that is interacting with your infested building after we have left. Not using any chemicals or toxins, meaning we comply highly with strict health and safety laws that are in force today.

There are many different types of pests that will be out to cause havoc on your home and wellbeing. Have a look at the list of rodents and pests we have successfully helped clear from homes and businesses over the many years we have been active! Our trained specialists know exactly what to do when approaching any pest or rodent situation. You can put all your faith into them, knowing they will get the job done right, as they have done time and time again.

Don’t delay on pest control. We could save you a fortune in structural damage. Call us today.

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