Pest control unlike any other in the Inner West and Marrickville

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One of the oldest areas of Sydney, Marrickville is decked out with crammed terrace houses from the colonial era. With a high population density and high volume waste disposal, pests such as silverfish, meal moths, ants, carpet beetles, cockroaches, termite inspection, residential & industrial pests, even birds continue to infest houses in large swarms. Keeping on top of pest control in Marrickville is essentially due to the closeness of property – many of which are not well maintained against pests.

Contamination through breeding, overpopulation, eating and droppings is what waits for you if you delay. Unchecked infestation is no fun: and that’s where we come in, to help you in your quest for pest control in Marrickville. Forensic Pest Control is a quality provider assisting you in your fight against infestation. We have a high volume of return business from satisfied customers that we have successfully exterminated pests for. Don’t believe us, though. Check out what they have to say,

Our experts are endowed with industrial anti-pest industrial formulas which are not always on the residential market due to safety and OH&S laws. Our pesticides are biodegradable and are aimed to destroy the root nest so that your home becomes clean again. That way, you can sleep soundly at night without the sound of arachnid and tetrapod feet over your head and in your kitchen.

With a wealth of information on pest control, our company looks to help families out in order to combat pest control in Marrickville. We have an immensely fast turnaround time to get rid of nocturnal nasties, and look forward to enabling your liberation from anti-hygiene, anti-disease and anti-value guests.

We have proactive mentality that can assist you in pest control in Marrickville, and liberating your home from the vestibules of pests. Simply contact us today for a quote.


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