Pest Control – is it bad?

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This week the team at Forensic Pest Control want to look at pest control and rat control in Sydney, some people *fear* the thought of having *chemicals* sprayed around their homes, while others schedule regular pest and rat control in Sydney treatments.

Is pest control really THAT bad?

What is your first thought when you think *pest control*? – is it laying cockroach baits and rat traps? Is it people in high tech looking suits with breathing apparatus covered from head to toe spraying green mist around your home?

Sadly without pest control as a country – we’d all be in a lot of trouble.

Did you know without pest control in some form the world would be a LOT different. While we at Forensic Pest Control perform a wide range of services for your home and business including rat control, commercial pest control  and  bird control – there are a wide range of other pest control services that keep the country – and the world running.

Without pest control

  • We would have no supermarkets – rats and other pests would take over the stores in a matter of weeks
  • Heath care would be poor thanks to pests invading doctors surgeries and hospitals
  • We’d need to rethink how we build our homes as termites love to eat what we live in
  • Mass food production would be reduced – pest control helps minimise spoilage
  • You would not be able to travel overseas – we have to stop pests and insects from travelling into and out of countries
  • We would be unable to store food on a large scale the way we do now, mills, silos and transport systems rely on pest control services to keep rats and mice away
  • We would no longer be able to trade internationally – pest control services protect our borders from insects and other pests

In general the services provided by the pest control industry are wide and varied, but most importantly – necessary.

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