Pest control in Mosman that will leave your home sparkling clean

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Unwanted nocturnal house guests are more than just a nuisance. They’re a reality of poor health, hygiene and contamination. Through droppings, infecting food, external digestion and eating through wood, concrete and structural material, pests can create real problems in your Mosman home.

Forensic Pest Control is one such provider who can take on this challenge. We can help you deal with your problem in a quick, thorough and confidential way. Equipped with our anti-pest industrial formulas, we can eradicate nasties in no time flat when we visit. Our pesticides are biodegradable and are aimed to destroy the root nest so that your home becomes completely crawly-free.

Did you know pests can mutate to avoid most remedies due to their fast gestation? That’s why our powerful commercial solutions have been adapted with new formulas work best for your pest control situation.


At FPC, we have a professional pest control services team in Mosman which can tackle a range of pests, including:

These insects create a veritable army that can quickly disseminate real investment values and threaten the safety of your family.


Check out if your home is covered in our serviced areas here. We operate in the larger Sydney metropolitan area as well as the Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong and beyond.

When it comes to a thorough pest control team in Mosman, you’ve found the right business. We look forward to enabling your fight against creepy crawlies when you contact us today.

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