Pest Control – Ants (part 2)

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Last week Forensic Pest Control took a look at a common Sydney pest control problem – ants. Today we look at what you need to look for and how Sydney pest control from Forensic Pest Control can help get rid of your ant problem.

Pest Control – Ants

What you should look out for…

  • At Forensic Pest Control we know it’s not hard to identify ants when they are active – you see their active trails around window ledges, pathways etc..
  • Ants that do live in large colonies outside will build their nests just below ground level, often you will see evidence of these *mounds* with small piles of soil near the entrances to their nests. Yes – *entrances* as they do like to have more than one door to their nest.
  • Some species of ants are actually known for building their nests in some pretty strange places – gaps in timber fame work, inside vases and even inside curtain rods. They will discard waste from these nests – often dead bodies of ants the waste is called *frass* you’ll see it if there are any nests near-by and it will look like small dark brown or black grains of sand.

What you can do to help reduce the risks…..

  • Remove food, clear up spillages and waste and keep food tightly sealed
  • Trim up vegetation, don’t allow trees or bushes to touch your home, gutter or eaves, trim back overhanging branches, ants can gain access to your home across these *bridges*

What Forensic Pest Control can do for you…..

Professional Sydney pest control is the only way to obtain long term ant control.

  • Forensic Pest Control has years of experience dealing with ant control and they know where to look
  • The Sydney pest control team know the types of environments ants love
  • Only professional pest control technicians have the specialised tools and equipment to access the inaccessible parts of your home
  • Forensic Pest Control has a range of products that can provide you with protection from ants and on-going eradication.
  • The team from Forensic Pest Control provide a written guarantee with all pest control services they provide.

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