Keeping rats and mice out of your home

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When it comes to keeping rats and mice OUT of your home, the first line of defense it to keep them out period. While that sounds simple, sometimes it isn’t quite as straight forward as it seems. Mice and rat control in Sydney isn’t always as easy as it sounds and if you can’t keep rats and mice from your home – you need to call  a professional rat control company in Sydney  – Forensic Pest Control – it’s the only way you can be sure you are on top of a rat and mice problem.

Have a look around the exterior of your house – are there any gaps a rat our mouse can use to access your home? Look closely though, mice can get into your home through a gap as small as an inch and a rat can enlarge that gap simply by gnawing its way through. Good areas to check include under pipes, under doors and near air vents. You can fill these tiny gaps with crushed chicken wire and expanding foam or some cement. For doors fit a brush strip at the bottom and air vents may need wire mesh added to prevent creepy crawlies gaining access.

If rats and mice are already inside your home, you need to call Forensic Pest Control for professional rat control in Sydney. What you can do to help is remember that rats and mice are after the same things as you – food, warmth and shelter – so you need to try and remove or restrict these pests from finding comfort in your home – keep all food in sealed containers, don’t leave food out, keep bin lids closed. Rats and mice also need water so if your pets are indoors during the night empty any outside water bowls.

Obviously you want them gone. Forensic Pest Control uses only premium pest control products that are non toxic and environmentally friendly.  Completely safe for you your family, and your pets; but lethal to rats, mice and other household pests

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