Is Pre-Construction Termite Control Really Effective?

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As a property owner, you always want to ensure that your home is well-protected from different types of pests. However, there are certain pests like termites that manage to find their way to your property, and there really isn’t much you can do about it, except call in the pest control experts to tackle the problem. A good and credible company like Forensic Pest Control, will be able to tackle the menace effectively; but the recommendation is always that, no matter what the pest, it’s best to be proactive than reactive, with pest control.

This is even truer in the case of termites. Today, these have become the No 1 pests in Australia. What probably makes them even more deadly is the fact that they are silent and very tiny. They won’t really be seen out in the open, and they steadily chew away at the wooden structures in your home, from within. It’s only when they have done a significant amount of damage that you notice how destructive they have been.  And so, whether you are constructing a new home, or extending or renovating your existing home, it’s a good idea to take some preventive termite control measures.

A specialised treatment

We provide excellent pre-construction termite control services to residential and commercial customers across Sydney. By Australian construction standards, it is now a requirement that termite protection should be installed in all new construction. This protection is essentially set in place at the slab construction phase and in the later construction phases too. We use a combination of physical and chemical termite management system components. As mentioned earlier, these are all applied at different stages of the construction process.

When we are handling a project for any new construction, a physical barrier such as a chemical and or a pre-slab will be applied. Post that, chemicals and other products will be used right round the perimeter of the structure at different stages in the construction. This is an extremely specialised job, and a survey will be conducted before a plan is put in place. We will also study the building plans before we custom-design a pre-construction termite control solution for you.

Pre-construction termite treatment benefits

  • It’s always a good idea to prevent termites from encroaching upon your premises instead of trying to get rid of them after they have made their home there.
  • Most insurance companies don’t cover termite control and the damage from these pests can be extensive. Its far better to get this treatment done at the outset.
  • The infestation isn’t visible at the outset and the termites can cause a lot of destruction before you even realise they exist on your property. However when you get pre-construction treatment done, you don’t have to worry about these things.

Its crucial that you get the termite control done from pest control experts . Forensic Pest Control is one of the most reputed and experienced companies in the region and we cater to commercial and residential customers across the region. Use this request a quote form or simply use this online form to send us your queries. You can always speak with our termite control experts at this number.

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