Is pest control safe?

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This is a common and not unusual question, and it is natural to be concerned, you are having someone come to your home or business to spray chemicals that are going to kill spiders, ants and other houses hold pests, you need to know is it safe? When it comes to pest control in Sydney from Forensic Pest Control we use only environmentally friendly and non toxic pest control treatments.

Our pest control in Sydney team find most people are concerned with what is actually being sprayed around their home – what is it and how toxic or dangerous is it for their family and pets.

Did you know that some of the cleaning products you use regularly that are sitting under your kitchen sink are, in fact more toxic than the pest control treatment used by Forensic Pest Control. The products used by pest controllers are less toxic than table salt! Would you be worried if someone took a teaspoon of table salt dissolved it in 15 liters of water and sprayed that around your home? Our chemicals are less toxic than that, they are all environmentally friendly and don’t hurt you or your family just the pests like spiders and cockroaches we are there to control.

Like anything around your home that is harmful to children you lock them away – you only get them out and use them when you need them; it is the same with pest control. Inside your home areas are sprayed that you don’t touch and outside areas are sprayed in areas that you’ll have little or minimal contact with – i.e. – walls and fences.

The chances of you or your family coming in direct contact with areas that are sprayed are very minimal. Chemicals of course are not your only line of defense, depending on the pest problem you can help deal with issues including, removing spider webs, not leaving food out that might attract cockroaches and ants, clearing away rubbish etc.

Pest control services in Sydney are used widely including at

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Doctor surgeries
  • Day care centers
  • Shopping centers
  • factories

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