Identifying Termite Damage on your Property

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Termites are miniature pests that slowly but surely eat away at the wooden features in your home. The reason they go unnoticed is because they are extremely silent and shy and don’t really come out into the open in the manner that rats, mice or even cockroaches do. This means, their existence largely goes unnoticed and they continue eating through the wooden beams and frames of the structure.

There is no doubt about the fact that they are extremely destructive; and by the time you notice their existence, they would have wreaked havoc on your property. Most pest control companies also have a tough time getting rid of termites from their customer’s homes; by the time they are informed about the problem, the infestation would have taken enormous proportions, and it takes multiple treatments to get rid of these pests.

Just as with most other pest infestations, the one way to ensure that the treatment is more effective is to address the issue before it gets out of control, by getting termite inspections done. Many people also get pre-construction termite control done and this goes a long way in preventing the termites from encroaching upon your property.

Here are a few signs you should be on the lookout for

  • Timber damage– These creatures bore right through the wood, from the inside out; and that’s exactly why it isn’t easy to notice the damage from the outside. However, you can definitely check the wooden features in your home, to see if they sound hollow. This is a clear indication of termites in the wood.
  • Mud tubes across walls– When the termites are unable to get through any structure (like the ones made of concrete), they find an alternative method of  moving across it- they build mud tubes all along  the wall surfaces in their search for  other timber features. These mud tubes protect them; and the humidity inside them prevents the termites’ bodies from getting dehydrated.
  • Striations on wood– Certain segments of the timber are much more appetising to these pests and they just prefer eating the parts of the wood that are softer. In case you notice and grooves along the wooden features in your home, you should know that there is a termite infestation on your property.
  • Alates– These are essentially the queens and kings of the termite colonies that fly out, mate and build new colonies. In humid and warm weather, if you see swarms of winged insects flying around your house, its best to call in pest control experts to deal with the issue.

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