How to tackle an ant infestation on your property

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When there is excessive moisture in the ground, ants that live in garden and yard spaces tend to look for dry spots to build new colonies. We all know that ants are industrious creatures and they travel for long distances in search of food. If you find ants in one area in your yard, it’s likely they will be in your garage, sheds and house too. Here are some tips that will help keep ants at bay:

  • Put away all sugary foods that may be lying around on your kitchen counters or in the cabinets. Ensure that you store these in airtight containers or in the refrigerator. If you notice many ants trailing across the kitchen floors and walls and making their way into your cabinets, you’d have to relocate any sugary items you may have stored there.
  • It’s important that you clear up trails that ants leave behind. These pests tend to travel in a single line and they leave behind chemical trails that they backtrack on when they want to get to the food source again. If you wipe off these trails, they won’t be able to easily find their way back to the food. Use a strong lemon juice or vinegar & water solution to wipe off the trails. Ants are unable to bear the citric smells, and it will keep them away.
  • Once you know that the ants have moved out of the indoor spaces, seal the gaps properly. Ants are very tiny and can easily crawl in through the tiniest gaps in between windows.
  • Try this natural remedy to keep these pests away. Mix some water, sugar and borax and place this mixture outside your home. The ants will be attracted to the sugar and will carry the mixture back to their nests. Eventually, the borax that enters their systems will kill them.
  • Limit the number of hardscaping features you have on your property. These pests tend to build nests in the outdoor masonry   features and then eventually transition to your home.

If you do notice a pest infestation on your property, call expert pest control professionals to deal with the problem. We provide excellent pest control for ants and ensure that the indoor and outdoor spaces on your property are free of these creatures. We provide guarantees for our work and if you notice that the ants have reappeared, we will come and tackle the issue at no extra charge till you are satisfied with the work.

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