How to identify a termite queen

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If you live in an area known for termites – you probably know or have heard a lot about termites and termite control Sydney. Termites themselves are a wood eating social insect that can cause a LOT of trouble to a home. They are called White Ants but they are more closely related to the cockroach than to ants.

On the plus side Termites don’t just eat wood; they also eat dirt, leaf litter, dead plant and other materials.  Of the four thousand species of termite about 10% actually cause a lot of the damage to buildings, forests and crops, while other species of termite are responsible for *recycling* dead plant matter in subtropical and tropical areas.

As termites are social insects they live in colonies controlled by a termite queen and a termite colony can be anything from a few hundred to several million insects. A colony includes soldiers, workers, nymphs and reproductive females and males, there may be a few egg laying termite queens in a colony. The termite queen is defined as a female that’s flown and mated and is producing eggs.

Once mature, primary queens have an enormous egg laying capacity; with some species even having an extra set of ovaries with every molt of their exoskeleton. This results in a termite queen much larger than other termites – they can be identified by their distended abdomens. Their increased capacity to lay eggs can see some queens lay as many as two thousand eggs each day! Because of this she isn’t able to move around freely and needs to be helped by the worker termites.

She produces a pheromone that keeps the colony harmonious.

The queen is the most important part of the termite colony – even though a colony may have thousands of members a colony is unable to operate without at least one queen – it becomes too disorganised to function. If a queen is killed she can be replaced if there are winged termites that are also able to reproduce.

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