How to get rid of rats

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If you have a rat problem it can turn your life upside down, especially if they are inside your home, you need to do something NOW to avoid a bigger problem later. You really should call professional rat control in Sydney from Forensic Pest Control, fully licensed and helping people in Sydney since 1997 deal with their rat and general pest control problems. Using non toxic and environmentally friendly products they come to you on time every time and have the skills and knowledge to deal with any rat problem.

If you are the type who would rather try dealing with the problem on your own first, there are a number of products you can try, from the good old fashioned wooden rat trap, to plastic traps, baits and electronic repellents.

  • Rat Traps – the classic trap is without a doubt your cheapest option however you’ll need to set up a LOT of traps to ensure you capture that rat. If you have pets or children you would have to make sure paws or little fingers can’t get to them. Pets especially can be attracted to the *bait* you are using to lure the rat.
  • Rat Zappers – these are electrical devices (much like a bug zapper) that kill the rat instantly.
  • Rat poison – poison comes in many forms and it kills the rat when it comes in contact with the poison, while it does the job, again if you have pets or children you need to be very careful where you place it. Rats don’t die immediately and will run off and die days later, so you’ll have dead rats lying around, often in hard to reach places.
  • Sound devices – these produce a high pitch sound that humans and pets can’t hear – the good thing is rats can and they find it an irritating noise that will drive them away from your property. These devices are well designed and you don’t have the issues of dealing with dead rats and poison.

For the quickest rat control in Sydney and for the best results call Forensic Pest Control.

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