How to get rid of rats in your home

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Rats – they are destructive animals you don’t want near or inside your home!

Unfortunately before you can get rid of rats you need to know where it is they are coming from – where are they living? It’s pointless putting baits or traps around in places where the rats aren’t. This is why rodent control in Sydney from Forensic Pest Control is so important.

Once you find where the rats are living/nesting then it’s time to take action – seal off any entry points around your home, garden, garage etc that you can find – remember that a rat can actually get through a gap that is only 1 cm wide. Look for cracks around the foundation of your home or any extra spaces where wires or pipes might enter your home. Look around skirting boards, cupboards and another other dark areas for holes. Seal any gaps and holes with steel wool – the technicians from Forensic Pest Control suggest steel wool as it will cut the gums of the rat’s mouth if they try to chew through it.

Rats unfortunately tend to chew through pretty much anything so you will need to seal off any potential entrances with meshing, cement or other heavy metal material. If you do have quite a problem, for added protection add some broken glass to the wet cement to deter any rats from getting in before the cement has had a chance to dry.

Rats live in sewers and are attracted to water and will actually follow the scent of food to the pipes that lead to your toilet. If you do happen to find a rat in your toilet bowl, squirt some dishwashing liquid into the bowl and close the lid, wait a minute or two and then flush.

If for now you don’t want to call in professional rat control technicians in Sydney from Forensic Pest Control then a snap trap is a great way to get rid of the odd rat or mouse, use a little peanut butter spread over a cotton ball. The best place to put the trap is near holes or droppings; but keep traps away from children and pets.

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