Birds like pigeons always seek shelter from the sun, rain, and predators. They want to find safe places where they can build their nest and raise their young without any risk or interruptions. Unfortunately, pigeons tend to choose man-made installations as an ideal place to nest and that can cause a mess and leads to increased noise and disruptions. The space under solar panels is almost ideal for nesting so it’s not surprising that pigeons and other such birds are attracted to it. At Forensic Pest Control, we help you avoid the problem of pigeon nesting under solar panels through preventive measures that have proven to be effective.

Pigeons and Solar Panels – What’s the Connection?

Solar panels are usually placed on the roof and cover a large portion of the structure that’s usually directly exposed to the sun and elements. The space under the panels is shaded, relatively cool, and not easily accessible by predators that would steal pigeon eggs or kill their young, which makes it the best place for pigeons to nest. If they’re given the opportunity, they’ll take it and create a nest underneath the panels.

Why is Pigeon Under Solar Panels a Problem?

You might wonder why we consider solar panel pigeon a problem; it’s because most people that have dealt with it understand just how much of a nuisance these birds can be. Here are some of the common problems people have to face when pigeons start nesting under solar panels:

  • Pigeons are very noisy, especially young ones. People living and sleeping in rooms directly under the roof would have to endure the noise until the nest is removed.
  • These birds will defecate in and around their nest, which can stain and damage the roof shingles and compromise the aesthetics of your roof. The only way to keep your roof completely clean is to install preventive measures.
  • Nesting pigeons are dirty and can create an unhealthy environment around the roof that can cause allergies in the more sensitive members of your family.
  • They can also damage expensive solar panels because bird faeces are very corrosive. They can also build up on the solar panels and compromise their efficiency.

How to Get Rid Of Pigeons Under Solar Panels?

As mentioned before, the best way to deal with pigeons under solar panels is to use preventive measures such as installation of our Solar Panel Bird Proofing mesh.

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