How to control spiders in your home

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Due to the warmer and wetter weather perhaps you’ve seen a few more spiders around your house than normal. Just like us, spiders and bugs don’t like getting wet and unfortunately that’s when they head for shelter and that’s often into our houses! What can you do to help with spider control Sydney in your home? Forensic pest control can help keep the spider population down. Sadly once you have one bug entering your home other spiders and pests will follow – it’s just a part of the food chain – any one bug will attack another bug – as its natural predator and so on.

Apart from the obvious tips – keep the rubbish outside to a minimum, always regularly empty garbage bins and don’t leave food scraps out, over the counter (supermarket) sprays or fly spray are a waste of time and money. Many of these sprays only work when directly sprayed onto the bug or spider, if you spray outside you’ll find you have some protection for a few hours and that’s it. Spiders will hide when they see you, so how do you know where they are *living*??

Thankfully professional pest control uses commercial pest control sprays which is residual – this means they will last for weeks and weeks. Ultimately this leaves your house protected and leaves the spiders thinking they are *safe*. So, how do these pesticides work to kill spiders, cockroaches, ants and other pests around your home?

When using spider control Sydney residual pesticides the bugs and spiders bodies will actually absorb the poison – if they walk through an area that’s been treated, they will carry it back to their nest or web and die there. They may also eat a bug that has already been killed by the poison, which will lead it its death.

Forensic Pest Control can protect your home using pesticides you don’t have access to; they can also treat your home in less time than you can do it yourself.

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