How Often Should I Get Preventive Pest Control Done?

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No matter what measures you take, pests have a way of finding their way into your home. Most pests breed at a steady pace and it doesn’t take long for an infestation to get out of control. Once the infestation grows beyond a certain point, it becomes very difficult to eradicate the pests from the property.

Depending on the severity and the spread of the infestation, the pest control professionals may have to make multiple visits to your property to get rid of these pests. This can result in a lot of hassle and expense as well as disruption on your property. We at Forensic Pest Control strongly believe that the best way to avoid all this trouble is to opt for preventive pest control.

Pest control

Customised Solutions

With this in view, we provide excellent preventive Pest Control Services . These are customised to match the specific needs of our customers and are designed to provide you value for money. Many clients are curious about how many visits are required during the year. In most instances, we come in two times a year and use a range of pest detection equipment and techniques to identify whether there is a potential pest issue on your property.  And this is more than enough to keep a tab on pest infestations and tackle them before they pose a problem. 

However, there are times when the infestation is very severe and we don’t like to leave anything to chance. Once we have tackled the actual infestation, we then design a detailed preventive pest control plan that may include more than 2 visits a year (depending on what pest it was and how far the spread of it was).

Preventive Pest Control – what’s Covered?

We will provide you detailed information about what would be covered in the preventive pest control contract. This gives you the option to make changes as required. Our aim is to ensure that your property is protected from pests right round the year. Even as we provide you the best services, we also ensure that we maintain competitive pricing. Most preventive pest control contracts cover:

  • Complete checks of all the indoor areas
  • The outdoor spaces will be checked for rodents and insects
  • Walls and foundations will be checked  for signs of a termite problem
  • The bathrooms will be checked for cockroaches and silverfish
  • Kitchen and pantry spaces will be checked for signs of ants, cockroaches and pantry pests, meal moths, houseflies, fruit flies etc.
  • Bedrooms will be checked for signs of bed bugs
  • All the furnished pieces in the living room and other areas will be checked for signs of cockroaches and bed  bugs

In short, we are very meticulous in our approach to our work and ensure that every nook and cranny and feature is thoroughly checked for signs of pests. For more information about our preventive pest control solutions, call us at Forensic Pest Control without delay. We provide the best services at the most competitive rates. For any additional details, the number to call is -1300 360 457. This online form  can be used to send across queries

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