How does a Pest control Company Tackle a Pest Bird Menace?

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While many people do have to deal with rat, cockroach, ants, termite, and bed bugs infestations, it’s also very common for pest birds to infest a property. Pest control companies like Forensic Pest Control, get calls from across the city from property owners that are having a tough time dealing with these winged pests. While they may seem pretty harmless, birds such as pigeons can also be a major menace.

Different Bird Control Methods

If you find too many birds nesting and breeding on your property, you should call pest control experts to deal with the problem, without delay. They will use various methods to get rid of the birds, such as:

  • Stainless Steel Spikes may be used to prevent the bids from alighting on the surfaces. These spikes will be fitted either with adhesive glue/screws; they can be installed on surfaces such as beams, ledges, lights, security cameras, business signage etc. Since these spikes are made of SS and are weather-resistant. They are also available in various sizes and can easily be cut/carved to match the architectural styling of the structure they are to be installed on.
  • Stealth netting is almost undetectable netting that can’t be noticed by the human eyes after it’s been installed. This netting is available in a variety of sizes and colours and is made of strong, thin polyethylene twine- this is extremely resistant to UV rays. This stealth netting can be used on roof tops, garages, loading docks or any other building where there is a bird menace.
  • When you want to deter any pest birds, you also want to be sure that the methods you use, wont impact the appearance of the building. With this in view, AVI strand wire becomes an excellent option and can be used very effectively to keep large birds at bay. Stainless steel brackets can be used to affix this netting and it adheres to most surfaces.
  • Perimeter roof proofing is installed to gutters. When the perimeter of the roof is proofed using this material. This keeps rodents and pest birds away and they just won’t be able to get onto your property via the roof. It’s made of powder-coated aluminium and can be customised to match the colour of your roof.
  • Electric shock track systems are very effective in keeping various kinds of birds at bay. This installation is made from stainless steel & PVC and doesn’t get impacted with the sun’s UV rays. It’s flexible and available in a variety of colours and complements the appearance of different types of buildings.

In addition these, the Bird Control  experts may also use pest bird traps and baiting programs. A government licensed company like ours may also shoot the birds if the situation demands it. Air rifles can be used to remove pest birds in various built-up areas such as warehouses, shopping centres, factories as well as schools.

If you are having problems with pest birds, call Forensic Pest Control, the Bird Control in Sydney experts today. For almost 15 years, we have been providing consistent and high grade solutions to customers across the region.  You can use this request a quote form or send us your queries via this online form . Alternatively, feel free to speak with our experts at this number- 1300 360 457

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