Getting Rid of Spiders (part 2)

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Getting rid of black spiders by pest control

Last week the team at Forensic Pest Control offered tips on ways you can have good spider control in Sydney around your home, today we look at some more ways to reduce the spider population around your home.

Unfortunately removing the spider’s web doesn’t actually remove the spider – unless you can remove the spider WITH the web. Spiders build their webs where their prey lives, so if you don’t get the spider, it will simply build another web. You can buy spider traps they catch spiders on a sticky surface (much like the old fly paper) which is rather funny when you think about it – a spider being trapped on something sticky.

There are quite a few old wives-tails when it comes to dealing with good spider control in Sydney – some of these suggestions have been that washing your windows with ammonia repels spiders. Spiders hate the smell of eucalyptus leaves and cedar chips, so spreading some of those around your home will keep spiders away…. Even if it doesn’t your home will smell nice!

If you find you are bitten by a spider watch for any signs of an allergic reaction, if you find it hard to swallow, have a feeling of shortness of breath or feel nauseous – head to your doctor straight away. Most spiders are harmless but don’t fool around if you begin to feel unwell.

At Forensic Pest Control we know that while you hate spiders they are also quite beneficial to have around your home as they do eat other bugs and pests. Most people actually hate the spiders more than any of the other bugs and pests and want spiders out of their life; you can help achieve this by

  • Keeping outside lights off
  • Removing leftover food and rubbish
  • Not storing papers and cardboard

Spiders can be easily picked up with some paper towel or you can vacuum them up, you can use traps or just call Forensic Pest Control to organise one of our pest control packages.


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