Getting rid of spiders (part 1)

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Getting rid of spiders

No one *likes* spiders and they are one of the most feared and hated creatures on the planet, many of us don’t even know why we hate spiders – but we do. Most spiders are completely harmless and that’s the good news, but there are of course some spiders that have a painful or even deadly bite. Spiders only bite when they feel threatened and the good news is there are a number of ways you can have good spider control in Sydney.

Today Forensic Pest Control has a few tips to share.

  • Spiders love to eat other bugs and insects and they do that by catching their food in webs, spiders actually don’t see very well, but they are very sensitive to vibrations and they can feel when their prey is struggling to free itself from their web. You can help make your home *unappealing* by reducing the number of insects that live around your home.
  • Insects and pests love your left over food – the more bugs and insects that come looking for your food, the more spiders you’ll have. Always put food in the bin, wrap scraps in paper or plastic bags and ensure your garbage lids are on firmly.
  • Of a night you will notice how bugs are attracted to your outdoor lighting – spiders know this too, if you can keep your outdoor lights off you will reduce both the insect and the spider population around your home.
  • Spiders love cardboard and paper, if you have lots of magazines etc you want to keep – store them in plastic boxes rather than just in piles on the floor
  • Washing a live spider down a drain or plug hole actually doesn’t work! Spiders will curl up into a ball and create a small air pocket until the water is turned off, then, they will just climb straight back out.

Scary isn’t it!

Next week the team at Forensic Pest Control will share some more tips for good spider control in Sydney.

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