Flying Termites

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Flying Termites – it sounds like something from a Stephen King movie, swarms of termites swooping in and destroying whole townships. Summer is fast approaching and with summer comes the rain, heat and humidity and it’s with this change in climate – especially the humidity that you may start to see flying termites on the move. It’s after we have that that heat and rain they release their new kings and queens out into the world (our world unfortunately) to multiply and between November and February you may see flying termites out and about.

Flying termites – or flying white ants are called ALATES. They are designed to fly out, scout for a nice moist and dark area where they will settle down and start their own little termite colony. You would see flying termites attracted to your lights and they will swarm a light much in the same way a moth will, this happens when a nest of termites has released a swarm of termites and they are looking for a new home.

If you see flying termites call Forensic Pest Control today to organise a termite pest control inspection in Sydney. Termites eat through wood, granite and other fillings long before you’ll see any damage has occurred and prevention is a lot better than the cure. Forensic Pest Control have the technicians available who understand how the different types of insects *work*, we provide convenient scheduling options which means we can cater to your home or business and your work schedule to ensure your home is inspected and treatment/preventative treatment is in place to protect your home – or rid your home – of a nasty invasion.

Termite pest control in Sydney is more than just treatments it’s also about damage protection and maintenance.  Since 2002 Forensic Pest Control has been helping the people of Sydney with all their pest control needs. This family owned and operated business has fully experienced, trained and qualified technicians all dedicated to providing customers with the best possible service – you are in safe hands.

Are you ready for termite season? Call Forensic Pest Control today!

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