Fleas (part 2)

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Last week the pest control in Sydney team from Forensic Pest Control looked at Fleas – what to look for and the risks, today to finish off we look at Flea control.

If you don’t already HAVE a flea problem in your home at the moment, then it is a good time to take preventative measures.

  • If you have dogs or cats in your house (or yard) you must make sure every animal is treated with the correct flea control – if you have a number of dogs or cats, ensure they are ALL treated at the same time. You can always ask for flea prevention advice from your vet. (At Forensic Pest Control our pest control in Sydney technicians do not give advice on flea treatments for animals.) You need to ensure you keep up a good routine when it comes to flea control and your pets
  • Where your pets sleep may also need to be treated, our pest control team in Sydney suggest you regularly wash all pet bedding to eliminate the chances of fleas continuing to breed in bedding, kennels etc.

If you find you have a quite major flea infestation you need to call in the team from Forensic Pest Control, sometimes Do It Yourself measures just don’t work.

There are a few important things you as a home owner will need to do before the pest controller arrives. These suggestions will be given to you again when you call to book an appointment.

Preparation before professional treatment may include –

  • Treat all the pets in your home with the appropriate flea treatment
  • Vacuum all the carpets and floors and anywhere pets sleep – sofas etc, you should then empty the bag into a plastic bag – or bin, and spray the bin or plastic bag with fly spray immediately – this is to kill off any fleas that may be in the dust.
  • Your lawn should be mowed cutting it short will allow treatment to reach the soil – if the ground is dry wet it an hour before treatment to make it more effective
  • Lift loose items off the floor

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