Five Tips to Prevent Termite Infestations on Your Property

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Termites are a menace; not only do they breed at a very rapid pace and build large colonies in various areas of your property, but also cause extensive damage to the wooden features in your home. What adds to the problem is that termite damage isn’t covered by most home insurance companies and this means all expenses of fixing the damage has to be borne by you. The one way to solve all these problems is to take some preventive measures to keep termite infestations at bay. We at Forensic Pest Control have put together five effective tips to follow.

The tips

  1. House structure- Termites live under the soil in the yard spaces. When paths, walkways, and landscaping is closer to the foundation of your home, it increases the risk of termites finding their way into your property. The recommendation is that all landscaping features should be at a distance of at least 50-75mm from the slab’s edge. This deters termites from entering your home. Aside from this, it becomes easier for our experts to detect the presence of termites when they are inspecting the property.
  2. Keep your property free of pooling water- Termites are attracted to moisture and thrive in moist soil. If there is a pooling of water in any part of your landscape, that can potentially increase the risk of a termite infestation. Leaky pipes pose a similar risk and the moisture in the ground creates a conducive environment for termite growth. Get your landscape drainage systems checked and ensure they are functioning efficiently. Make sure there are no leaking plumbing systems either.
  3. Sub floor ventilation- The basement areas and crawl spaces of your home tend to be perfect spots for termite nests. The moist and dank conditions are ideal and termite colonies can breed rapidly here. It’s a good idea to take measures to improve the sub-floor ventilation as that helps reduce the chances of termite attacks. You can place dehumidifiers in the basement areas and get the crawl spaces checked for signs of termite activity.
  4. Preventive termite control treatments-We provide prompt and professional termite control services in Sydney, and if you notice any signs of termite activity on your property, do not delay in calling us. You are assured of the best solutions at all times. However, we also advice all our clients that they should opt for preventive termite control treatments. We provide excellent termite inspections Sydney solutions to both residential and commercial customers. As part of these services, our expert personnel will visit your property at pre-decided intervals and inspect every indoor and outdoor space of your property for signs of termite activity. These measures go a long way in preventing termite infestations.

For cost-effective, efficient and professional termite control solutions, contact us today. For more information call Forensic Pest Control at 300 360 457. This online form can be used to send queries and we will call back shortly.

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