Eliminate Silverfish From Your Home Using These Effective Methods

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Eliminate Silverfish From Your Home Using These Effective Methods

Silverfish are small insects that can be occasionally seen on your property. No homeowner would want these pests to be present there. Silverfish are called so because they are silver in colour and when they move, they look a lot like fish. It’s a common misconception that these pests are harmless, but they could cause major problems to your property.

Reduce The Changes Of A Silverfish Infestation

One of the best ways to get rid of silverfish is to have some information about them. Our experts at Forensic Pest Control have charted a few facts about these pests:

  • They’re usually found in humid and moist areas.
  • The most common places you’d find these creatures include basements, attics, garages, bathrooms, and
  • These pests can lay up to 60-70 eggs in a couple of weeks, making them extremely fast breeders.
  • They can be extremely destructive in nature, which easily makes them a hazard to your home/property.

They can consume anything with a starchy or sugary base which attracts them towards hair, glue, paint, photographs, and clothing or even plaster at times. These pests can even start eating into books.

How You Can Get Rid Of Silverfish

Getting rid of a pest infestation can be a really painful and tedious job. Anyone who has dealt with this before knows exactly how challenging it can be.  The best way to avoid these pests is to take certain preventive measures. This can help prevent the spread of the infestation and get out of control. Here’s a list of few things you can do to avoid these pests from infesting your property:

  • Silverfish usually breed inside carpets; if you find partially eaten carpet fibres it could mean it has been infested by these pests. You could avoid this by vacuuming thoroughly around all of the edges of your carpet.
  • It’s always a good idea to store your extra comforters, sheets, blankets or out of season clothing in sealed plastic bags to avoid these pests from getting in.
  • Propoxur, Permethrin or Cypermethrin are very effective over the counter pesticide sprays. The effects last around 3-4 weeks after you’ve sprayed them. Make sure that you spray this in all humid and moist areas of your property. This helps make the treatment a lot more effective.

Things You Should Know

You don’t have to worry if you notice a few silverfish lying around your house after the treatment. The pests have to come in contact for the pesticide to work. It generally takes a couple of weeks for the silverfish to come in contact with the pesticide. You can also call in residential pest control experts to tackle the issue if you find these pests after 2 weeks of the treatment.

We at Forensic Pest Control are one of the most reputed companies in the field and have the experience and the resources to tackle all types of pest control jobs, in the most expert manner. You can request a quote via this form or send us your queries via this online form.

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