Do you have rodent problems? Call the professionals

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There is nothing worse than having pests in your home, unfortunately for many people it’s simply a case of the area you live in – from spiders and termites to ants and cockroaches, every home has pests of some sort. Some flourish in the summer while others are out and about in the colder winter months, some do damage to your home, while others carry disease. You can try to combat some pests yourself by using over the counter spray, ant rid, cockroach baits etc but you’ll find these pests will soon be back – this is where you need the assistance of a professional pest control business like Forensic pest Control.

Today Forensic Pest Control wants to look at rodent control issues in Sydney. You need to deal with rodent’s right at the source – our technicians use non toxic and environmentally friendly pest control methods that are lethal to rats and mice, but safe for your family and pets. Rodents carry diseases, they breed quickly and can go from being a small problem to a nightmare, it is for this reason you need excellent rodent control in Sydney from accredited technicians who get the job done right.

Forensic Pest Control is a family owned and operated pest management service based in Sydney who has been providing rodent control services in Sydney since 2002. From Alexandria to the Sydney CBD we offer our satisfied customers the very best services we can- from residential customers to business and industrial clients our team of highly qualified, trained and experienced technicians is available to assist you with all your pest control needs.

We have received wonderful positive feedback from our customers that speaks for itself.

Rodents unfortunately are *social animals* and this means they don’t mind living close to humans and sharing their homes and food. They are excellent at hiding and will build their nests where people won’t see them. They can also cause a LOT of damage and will gnaw through anything they can find, it is for this reason you need to call in professional rodent control in Sydney from the experts at Forensic Pest Control.

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