Termites aren’t easily detectible & the best way to ensure that this infestation doesn’t spread is to get very regular inspections done. Forensic pest Control has years of experience in this field & have been providing residential and commercial customers across the areas with the best & most-effective Termite Control in Penrith.

Termites are highly-destructive creatures & before you know it, the termite infestation spreads to different parts of your home.  But when you opt for our expert services, you are assured that the pest infestation will be contained in an effective way & and that it won’t spread anywhere else.

Importance of Timely Treatment

Don’t take chances while dealing with termites in Penrith- call us the minute you notice signs of an infestation. We, utilize the latest equipment in our work & all our personnel are highly-trained personnel and efficient. They ensure that all the work is completed in the best way and with the least disruption to the activities in your office or home.

The Best Approach

Since this is very specialized work, we take a great deal of care while dealing with it and:

  • Inspect the entire area thoroughly & identify all the places where the termites are. High-technology equipment is utilized in the work which ensures that all the termite colonies are detected
  • Once we have identified exactly where the infestation is, we use customized solutions for the work and the treatment is carried out inside and outside the house and building
  • Even after all the areas have been treated, the areas are monitored & we do not leave any chances for recurrence

If you have seen the incidence of Penrith termites on your property, contact Forensic Pest Control on 1300 360 457 or via this online form today. We provide expert services at very realistic pricing.