Controlling a rat problem

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Controlling a rat problem isn’t as simple as controlling an ant or cockroach problem. For ants and cockroaches you can spray or buy baits from the supermarket, but rats are actually quite cunning creatures and unlike cockroaches and ants they can actually smell dangers around them and they will avoid baits and pesticides to stay alive, simply put rat control in Sydney isn’t simple.

A call to Forensic Pest Control is the easiest thing to do; the team at Forensic Pest Control are fully licensed and trained in rat control in Sydney these accredited pest control technicians come to you and guarantee you will be completely satisfied with their service, all treatments are non toxic, environmentally friendly and completely safe for you and your pets.

If you decide you want to deal with the problem yourself – the first thing you need to do is locate where the rats are living, once you know where they live, look for the *path* they are using to enter your home – this can be through the roof or through small holes or gaps around doors, or in walls. Block any entry points you find. Rats like to live in dark places, so look for spaces in your shed or garage – any dark areas and check for signs of rat droppings.

Now you know where they live and where they enter your home you next need to decide on the extermination method you want to use – traps, baits etc, you will also need to consider pets and children and place traps and baits where pets and children can’t get to them.

If you looked around and feel the problem is too big to handle on your own call Forensic Pest Control they know how to deal with rat control issues in Sydney. Founded in 2002 Forensic Pest Control deal with all manner  of pest control issues in your home or place of business, they take time to listen and to explain and pride themselves on being able to carry out their work with as little disruption to your life as possible.

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