Common Signs of a termite Infestation On Your residential Property

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Common Signs of a termite Infestation On Your residential Property

The humid and warm weather conditions in Sydney are perfect for termites and its little surprise that these creatures have managed to wreak havoc on so many commercial and residential properties in and around the city. The high temperatures and high humidity levels with no major cold snaps provide the perfect conditions for termites and other warm-weather pests to breed and thrive right around the year.

Timely Treatment Matters

We at Forensic Pest Control provide excellent termite control and termite inspection solutions to both, commercial and residential clients. Unfortunately, most property owners tend to contact a termite control expert only after the infestation has gotten completely out of hand and has spread across the property. While we do have the expertise to deal with these types of infestations, multiple sessions would be required to ensure that the pests are entirely eliminated from your property.

Signs That You Have Termites

The one way to ensure that your property is well protected from termite attacks is to be aware of the early signs of an infestation. If this is caught early on, it can go a long way in helping pest control experts to tackle the problem before it gets out of hand. Here are some signs of a termite infestation you should look out for:

  • Mud Trails– Termites live within timber structures; however, they do create exits and entrances on wall surfaces that are easily visible to the naked eye. If you have noticed any mud trails on the walls, these are an indication that you have termites.
  • Hollowed out wooden features– When termites eat wood, they might consume a number of the inner layers of the timber without actually damaging the outer layer at all. If you suspect that there are termites on your property, simply tap the wooden features lightly with some solid object. If you hear a dull thudding sound, it could mean that termites have hollowed out the feature.
  • Swarms of Insects– If you have noticed any swarms that look like large flying ants around the light fixtures in the indoor areas, these insects may actually be alates (termites). If there is a swarm of alates, this indicates that a large termite colony has matured; some of the matured insects are leaving the nest to establish new ones. These swarms are more likely to emerge when the weather is extremely humid or damp. The insects are lighter in colour than other common insects. They also don’t have a ‘waist’, indentation like most ant species have.

Other Signs to Look Out For

Some other common signs of a termite infestation include:

  • Paint Damage
  • Pinpoint Holes in Walls
  • Sagging Floors
  • Warped or Cracked Wall Linings

If you have noticed any of these signs in your home, do not delay in calling in the termite control specialists at our company. For more information about our expert pest control services, call Forensic Pest Control at 1300 360 457. This online form can be used to send queries and we will call back shortly.

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