Excellent Bird Control in Sutherland 

Birds are a pleasure to look at in their natural environment. However, now feral pigeons & other birds have begun transitioning to cities and breed there in large numbers. This is not a problem only in Sutherland but in cities and towns across Australia.  Once birds find that they can get food and shelter in a particular location, they just do not want to leave that place. This is exactly why it becomes very difficult for people to get rid of pigeons and other birds from their property, when they use any DIY methods for bird control in Sutherland.

Different Pest Control Methods 

Forensic Pest Control provides expert bird control in Tennyson Point services and we serve commercial and residential customers across the region.  We handle big & small jobs with expertise and ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our work.  When it comes to getting rid of pigeons from your property we use a number of different methods including:

  • Netting
  • Spikes
  • Electric shock devices
  • Non-toxic Repellents
  • Flock reduction techniques like trapping
  • High-pitched audio devices

We use a combination of these treatments for bird control in Sutherland based on how severe the infestation is, where the birds are nesting and the type of birds that are on your property.  The focus is always on customisation and on ensuring that you get the kind of services you need at a very reasonable pricing.  We are particular about completing the job in a timely manner and with the least disruption to the daily activities in your home or commercial property.

Why Get Rid of Birds?

Regardless of how big or small the job is you are also always assured of personalised attention.  We have the knowhow, expertise & resources to provide you with customised services & ensure 100% customer satisfaction in every project we take up.  Commercial and residential customers opt for our bird control in Tennyson Point services and know that the work will be handled expertly and in a timely manner. We always recommend to our customers that they should get rid of birds on their property since:

  • Bird-droppings have salmonella bacteria
  • They make the area filthy
  • Infected birds transmit fungal infections
  • They carry diseases & might spread SARS
  • Infections can cause flu-like-symptoms in humans
  • The droppings leave a stench
  • Birds have fleas as well as mites and they transition into the different indoor spaces & affect people who live there
  • Wet-droppings that fall to the ground are a safety hazard as people can slip on them; Building owners can end-up facing legal charges

When Expertise Matters

Pigeons might seem harmless, but they are as much of a big nuisance as mice, rats & bugs can be. But with us on call, you do not have to worry.  Forensic Pest Control provides high quality bird control in Sutherland at highly-competitive rates. We prioritise keeping your property pest-free. If there is a bird infestation on your property, call us on 1300 360 457 or contact us through this online form.