How we help with Bird Control in Gladesville

A number of cities in Australia now suffer from the bird menace. Pigeons and sometimes other feral birds begin roosting and nesting on the ledges and window sills of commercial and residential structures. They roost on buildings and nest in nooks & crannies. Feral pigeons breed right round the year & can produce upto 8-9 broods annually. The population grows rapidly and becomes extremely difficult to control and DIY methods for Bird Control in Eastern Suburbs are ineffective.

The Treatments we Use 

You will need expert professionals to handle the job for you. The type of treatment used will be dependent on a number of factors such as location of the infestation, its severity, the type of birds and the extent to which they are breeding. Based on the location of their nests and the place where they roost on, our bird control in the Eastern Suburbs experts will provide you with custom solutions. We use different methods such as:

  • Spikes
  • Netting
  • Flock reduction techniques like trapping
  • High-pitched audio devices
  • Electric shock devices

These solve the bird nuisance in the shortest possible time.   With years of experience under our belt, commercial & residential customers have come to trust us with all their bird control in Gladesville requirements. We are highly- focused on providing effective and customised services and ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our work.

Call the Experts 

The fact is that birds defile the surroundings of buildings and spread diseases like SARS.  Their droppings, the food they bring in and the feathers they shed create a lot of filth in and around the nests.  This dirt also creates a stench that permeates into your home even if you keep the windows shut.  It’s difficult for homeowners to get rid of these pests via any DIY methods and the only way to be assured of an effective solution is to call in the experts at Forensic Pest Control for customised bird control in Gladesville. In addition to the ones mentioned above, there are a number of impacts such as:

  • Higher maintenance costs for home and building owners
  • Their faeces blocks gutters & downpipes
  • Many birds create a lot of noise
  • This results in extensive seepage in walls & the structure gets damaged
  • Infections spread by these birds cause flu-like symptoms
  • The faeces emits a lot of bad odour
  • Infected birds transmit different fungal infections
  • Bird droppings contain certain bacteria like salmonella and are a health hazard
  • The droppings are hazardous to & cause slippage on fire escapes and pavements

Wet droppings that fall onto pavements or entrance areas of buildings can cause slipping & there are times when the building owners have had to face legal charges because of this. If there is a bird infestation on your property, call Forensic Pest Control for bird control in the Eastern Suburbs.  Call our experts on 1300 360 457 or contact us via this online form.