Why is Bird Control in Chatswood Important?

Birds add to the beauty of an environment; they are also a very important part of the ecology and require maintaining balance in it. But they can become a menace when they breed in very large numbers.  Though many people do not look upon birds as being a menace, the fact is they can be as harmful as any other pest such as cockroaches, rats and rodents.  It’s difficult to get rid of them and they come back sooner than you think. Most property owners who have tried to get rid of them will know how true this is.

 Different Methods

Forensic Pest Control is a very well-established company in this space and we provide customised and meticulous services for all types of Bird Control in Chatswood. We make sure that the infestation is tackled in the best manner possible. Our technicians will come & check the severity of the infestation; will provide the suitable solutions that will fit perfectly into your allocated budget. We use a range of methods for effective Bird Control in Coogee including:

  • Trapping and netting to reduce flocks
  • Spikes
  • Electric Shock systems
  • High-pitched audio devices
  • Other treatments

Many residential and commercial property owners complain that they have bird infestations in and around their property. Many also try methods to get rid of them. But it’s a tough job and only professionals can handle it effectively.   We tackle bird control in Chatswood expertly and ensure that you will not be bothered by these pests again.

The Impact of Bird Infestations

Birds leave large amounts of droppings everywhere on your property & defile the area with it- the stench becomes unbearable and you will find faeces on window sills and ledges. Their dropped feathers also have mites & lice.  They also tend to fly into the home and are a true menace. When you call us for bird control in Chatswood, the entire areas will be cleared of these birds.  Birds are a menace because:


  • Bird droppings  have salmonella bacteria – they make the air around your home very unhealthy
  • Birds carry diseases and  may spread SARS
  • Infected birds   transmit a number of fungal infections
  • Infections may sometime result in flu-like symptoms
  • Birds carry bird-mites & fleas- these transition into your home and impact the hygiene levels  & health of your family members
  • The droppings defile the place. Wet droppings lying on the ground are a hazard as they can cause slippage. Building owners may also have to some face legal consequences if someone gets injured by slipping on their property


Excellent Solutions 

We provide reliable and effective bird control in Coogee & serve commercial as well as residential customers. We use a variety of treatments & ensure that these pests are eliminated from your home & that they don’t return.  Call Forensic Pest Control on 1300 360 457 for expert pest control solutions. You can also connect with us through this online form.