Custom Solutions for Bird Control in Bankstown

Though they may not seem like it, pigeons and other birds become distinct menace. Across Bondi and Bankstown, a number of people report pigeon infestations on their property. They roost on buildings and nest in nooks and crannies. They shed feathers and their droppings defile the areas.  There are a number of reasons why you would want to get rid of these pests:

  • Higher maintenance costs for home and building owners
  • Their faeces blocks gutters & downpipes
  • This results in extensive seepage in walls & the structure gets damaged
  • Many birds create a lot of noise
  • The faeces emits a lot of bad odour
  • Infections spread by these birds cause flu-like symptoms
  • Infected birds transmit different fungal infections
  • Bird droppings contain certain bacteria including   salmonella & these make the area unhealthy
  • The droppings become hazards and cause slippage on pavements & fire escapes

Feral pigeons breed right through the year and can produce upto 8-9 broods in a year. The population grows very rapidly and becomes difficult to control with the use of Do-it-Yourself methods of Bird Control in Bondi. You will need professionals to come in and handle the job for you.

Various Treatments 

We provide customised services & have the expertise and resources to provide solutions which solve the menace & these birds will not return to your property.  Our expert professionals will visit your commercial property or home and assess the severity of the problem. Forensic Pest Control uses a variety of methods for bird control in Bankstown, including:

  • Netting
  • Flock reduction techniques like trapping
  • Electric Shock systems
  • Spikes
  • High-pitched audio devices
  • Other treatments

The important thing to keep in mind is that as long as these birds find shelter and food in a particular location, they will flock to it.  This is why you should ensure that there aren’t any food sources on your property for birds or any other pests.  Though these seem harmless, they can be quite a nuisance and as much a menace as any other pests can be. The create filth on your property and bring in diseases and mar the look of the building structure too.

Positive Impact of Bird Control in Bondi

If you find too many birds including pigeons nesting & breeding on your property, call Forensic Pest Control. As you can see, they can be menace in many different ways. We use a mix-and-match of bird control in Bankstown methods to ensure that your property is rid of these pests. We will provide you customised solutions that fit perfectly into your requirements and budget. Speak with our experts about what you need. It’s a good idea to call us when the infestation is not widespread as this helps us provide a better solution and we will be able to get rid of the birds much faster.  For more information about bird control in Bondi call Forensic Pest Control on 1300 360 457 or contact us via this online form.