Both residential and commercial premises can get infested by pests of all kind. However, in recent times Bed Bugs in North Sydney have posed to cause considerable damage. The severity and spread of this type of infestation is unimaginable and cumbersome and varies from site to site. This is why we at Forensic Pest Management Services provide customised services to all our customers. When you call us for, we visit your location and understand what pest issue you are facing. In addition, we conduct our own checks on all the areas in your home or office spaces using the latest detection equipment and techniques. It is only after then do we provide tailor-made solutions.

The Growing Menace of Bedbugs:

Bedbugs are extremely small flat pests which breeds and stays in dark corners. Don’t let their size fool you because:

  • The faeces of bed bugs are smelly and they leave a stain.
  • Bed bugs are parasites and they feed blood from both humans and pets alike.
  • Their bite marks are itchy and may cause rashes.

In North Sydney Bed Bugs infestation can escalate swiftly. DIY methods fail miserably here, as the run of the mill pesticides have no effect on the young larvae. They grow and the menacing cycle continues.

Why Choose Us?

We have been in this business since 2002 and over the years have catered to residential and commercial customers across the region. Being a family run company, customer satisfaction is our main target. All our personnel are industry-trained, certified and insured. We carry out the entire procedure without disturbing your normal routines. We use only environment-friendly & non-toxic pesticides and deploy natural methods of pest control. Our experienced workers investigate your situation with utmost care and formulate a solution, catering to all your needs. After this we conduct follow ups, regularly if required. We provide all this at a cost-effective price & no hidden costs. Hence Bed Bugs Control in North Sydney is synonymous with our services.

Tips and Tricks to Identify Bedbug Infestation:

As mentioned earlier, bed bugs are highly elusive and it is very difficult to identifying the initial stages of the infestation process. However, once identified, all it takes is a simple call to nip the infestation in the bud. Later, regular investigations make it more impossible for any further infestation problems in your space. Some common pointers to identify bed bug infestations are:

  • Small bite marks on exposed part of the skin. This might indicate bed bug feeding.
  • Blood smear on pillows and mattresses.
  • Colonies of flat reddish brown insects behind mattresses, sofas, divans, headboards, wall papers etc.

North Sydney Bed Bugs Control is best left to us. We provide high grade, customised, reliable and cost-effective services for pest control. For more information, call Forensic Pest Management Services on 1300 360 457. This online form can also be used to get in touch with us.

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