Bed Bugs in Lane Cove are now a very common pest issue in both commercial and residential premises. Not only have Lane Cove bed bugs become a menace, it’s the same across Sydney too. They breed very swiftly and covertly and defile various areas in your home. They are parasites, surviving on the blood of man and animals alike. Their faeces leave a stink and stain the mattresses too. In most instances, bed bug infestations are not noticed till it’s too late and the size of the colony is too large. We at Forensic Pest Management Services not only provide proper infestation removal but also preventive packages so as to nip the problem in the bud.

Why Choose Us?

The most common tendency amongst people is to use run of the mill pesticides. This is a bad idea as:

  • These chemicals don’t affect the young larvae. Once the effect of the pesticide wears off, the larvae grow into adults which start breeding and form new colonies
  • These chemicals are harmful for your family and pets

Lane Cove Bed Bug Control is what we specialize in. Over the years, we have built a very strong reputation across the region and our customers are assured that they will get excellent solutions at very reasonable rates. Both commercial and residential customers opt for us because of our:

  • Experienced and insured operators and personnel.
  • Usage of only environment-friendly and non-toxic pesticides and natural pest control methods.
  • Carrying out our work with discretion.
  • Personalised approach towards individual problems.
  • Guaranteed customer happiness.
  • Follow-up services provided as required.
  • No hidden charges.

Identifying an Infestation

Though we specialize in Bed Bugs Control in Lane Cove, we need your prompt action to help us to do our job. It is of extreme importance that you call us the moment you suspect an infestation. It is fallacy that bed bugs infest dirty spaces. The truth is that these pests can breed even in the most hygienic places and it can also be very difficult to get rid of them, once they have built a large colony. So keep your eyes open for the following bed bug facts:

  • Bed bugs are seed-sized brown- red coloured creatures.
  • They live & breed in the seams of mattresses.
  • Found in cracks & joints of headboards and bed frames.
  • Breed in upholstered furniture, cushions and sofas.
  • They live & build colonies behind picture frames & wallpaper and under carpets.
  • Live in clutter near the bed areas.

For more information about our Lane Cove Bed Bugs Control plans, call Forensic Pest Management Services on 1300 360 457. We serve residential and commercial customers across the region. Alternatively, you can use this online form to connect with us.  You are assured of the best services at the most reasonable rates.

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