Certain pest infestations are very severe and Cronulla Bed Bugs can be a nuisance in residential & commercial spaces. If you have seen such an infestation on your property, its best to call an expert pest control company like Forensic Pest Management Services without delay. There could  be times when you are tempted  to try out certain  DIY methods  of controlling  the pests, but  those are ineffective and the pests  simply  return with a bang, within  the shortest  time. This is because the standard pesticides may kill adult bugs; but they are unable to kill the eggs and larvae and within a short time, you find that the Bed Bugs in Cronulla are breeding faster than before.

Expert Pest Control

We at Forensic Pest Management Services make use of various products in Cronulla Bed Bugs Control. In most instances, this type of pest infestation needs follow-up services and we make sure that the pests are dealt with in an expert and efficient manner.  We are one of the leading companies in this space and focus on providing our customers with high grade services at the most competitive rates. In addition, we carry out follow-up services in an expert manner too.

Custom Solutions

We are the experts who serve commercial and residential customers and provide customised solutions that meet your requirements. We have built a very strong reputation in the field and customers know that with us handling the job, they will get high grade services and the best customer service. Our company makes use of highly specialised pesticide formulas which are effective in getting rid of pests in the shortest possible time. The pesticides we use are environment-friendly and non-toxic- this makes our treatment for Bed Bugs Control in Cronulla, very safe. It’s best for homes with kids and pets.

Preventive Treatment

The one way to ensure that the infestation doesn’t go out of hand is to opt for our specialised preventive pest control for Bed Bugs in Cronulla.  As a matter of fact, it’s the one way of ensuring that the infestation is attended to on time and that the pests are eradicated from your property. It’s easier to get rid of the infestation when the pest colony is not spread too wide. The one hurdle in this aspect is that since bed bugs are very tiny creatures, it’s very difficult to spot an infestation before it goes out of hand.

The Signs

You can’t really see bed bugs scurrying around in the manner that cockroaches, ants or rats do. The signs you should be looking out for are:

  • Bugs in the seams of mattresses or upholstered furniture
  • Blood marks on sheets where the bugs  have got accidentally crushed at night
  • Foul smell from bed bug faeces
  • Black faeces streaks on the mattresses or sheets

If  you  have noticed any of these signs of bed  bugs  in your  home or  commercial  premises, call Forensic Pest Management Services for Cronulla Bed Bugs Control on 1300 360 457 or contact us via this online form.

We also offer these services in the Eastern Suburbs