Recently, Eastern Suburbs Bed Bugs have emerged as very persistent pets that breed at a very rapid pace and cause havoc. They tend to hitch-hike very adeptly from one place to another and typically do this by getting into luggage and briefcases that you keep open in hotel rooms. As a matter of fact, they may also crawl into your bags etc while you are travelling in planes, trains or buses. Apart  from this, they are also  very tiny  creatures and  this also means, there isn’t  really  much you  can do  to  prevent them from getting  into your  home.

Their Hiding Places

The other fact is that bed bugs breed at a very rapid pace and they also start building several colonies. They live in seams of mattresses and folds of upholstered furniture. But those aren’t the only places they infest. They live in clutter under beds, in cracks and crevices of headboards, behind picture frames, under carpets etc. What  makes  these  pests a real nuisance  is  that  they  crawl out  onto your bed  only once  you have  gone to sleep, will suck  your blood.  They are tenacious and if the situation demands it, can live without a meal for upto a year. This is why even houses or apartments that have been vacant for a while, may also have bed bugs. The one way to prevent the spread  of an infestation is a to opt  for Forensic Pest Management ServicesBed Bugs Control Eastern Suburbs

Effective Pest Control :

We are one of the leading operators in this space and over the years, and have served thousands of residential and commercial customers with equal levels of dedication. Our  high grade  pest control services  help  in getting  rid of  bed bug  infestations  in the best  possible manner. Opt for our preventive services, in which our expert personnel will come over to your location at frequent intervals and  carry out a thorough check for bedbugs. We use the latest detection equipment and methods and ensure that if any infestation is noticed, it is eradicated within the shortest time possible. Residential and commercial customers prefer our services because:

  • Usage of environment-friendly and non-toxic pesticides and natural  pest control methods
  • Least disruption to your  daily activities
  • Highly trained and insured personnel
  • Personalised approach
  • No hidden costs

Tips to Identify Bed Bugs Infestations:

In this aspect, early identification of the bed bugs is a key factor in dealing with the infestation effectively. Here are a few lookouts:

  • Bed bugs are seed-sized brown- red coloured creatures
  • They breed in upholstered furniture, sofas & cushions
  • They live and breed in the seams of mattresses &  bedding
  • They live and build colonies behind picture frames  and wallpaper  as well as under carpets
  • Also found in cracks and joints of bed frames  & headboards
  • Live in clutter near the bed areas

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