Many households and offices tend to get affected with bed bugs. They are more than a menace. IMG_1386Their small size makes them even more troublesome. We at Forensic Pest Management Services provide best quality pest control to completely eradicate bed bugs in Sutherland. We have a team that consists of highly trained individuals who can tackle any type of infestation, however big it may be. Bed bugs are small yet tricky pests and you will require professional help to eradicate and contain them. Hire us now to get your home or office premises free of various insects.

All about bed bugs

Bed bugs are minute apple seed-sized insects which breed only in cool and dark areas where sunlight does not reach like mattress seams, crevices of sofas, cushions, under carpets, drapes, upholstered furniture etc.  Sutherland bed bugs feed on animal as well as human blood. So, if you find some unidentified bite marks along with clusters of red patches, they could be caused by bed bugs. All you have to do it is contact us at the earliest, as these creatures breed very quickly. We have 13 years of experience of treating different varieties of pests.

Services we offer

We are a trusted pest control brand and eradicate all types of insects viz. cockroaches, bugs, termites, rats, birds etc. in residential, industrial and commercial areas. We work with a goal to completely eradicate your premises of bugs.  As a part of the complete package, our experts will also do some regular follow-ups of the infested site. We will ensure bed bugs control in Sutherland. Our firm also provides personalised services to its clients and our executives are highly trained to tackle every kind of pest. Pest control can be troublesome if it is not handled in an expert manner. Thus, we try to cause least disturbance on your premises, while eradicating the insect colony.

Our expertise

We believe in delivering on time. Our aim is customer satisfaction for which we work with utmost dedication. Bed Bugs in seam of MattressAlmost all clients contact us when the infestation at their premises goes beyond their control. Trying to tackle bed bugs with homemade techniques can result in increase in infestation.  It is always recommended to inform us whenever you get an inkling of the presence of Sutherland bed bugs. We are based in Sydney but cater to customers in the neighbouring suburbs of Sydney too.

To hire, us, call Forensic Pest Management services on 1300 360 457 or visit our website and fill the available online form. Our team will come to you shortly and assist you according to your requirements. An executive will personally visit your premises to inspect the infected site, at a time most convenient to you. He will then put forward all the treatment details and related expenses. Sutherland bed bugs control is a specialised job and we handle it to perfection. We have also simplified the pest control process for your convenience. Contact us to get your house free of pests.

Our services in this area include: