There are many homes and offices that are infested with bed bugs. They are a menace and their small size adds to the problem. IMG_1386We at Forensic Pest Management Services provide effective pest control services to eradicate bed bugs in Randwick. Our staff has experts who are trained to tackle any type of infestation. Using homemade methods to get rid of them can have contrary effects. Bed bugs are tricky pests and you’ll require professional expertise to contain them. Hire us to get your premises free of these pests.

Get to know bed bugs

Bed bugs are minute reddish brown insects which breed in cool and dark areas where sunlight does not enter, such as crevices of sofas, cushions, mattress seams, drapes, under the carpets, on upholstered unused furniture etc. Randwick bed bugs feed on human as well as animal blood. So, if you have some unidentified bite marks along with a cluster of red patches, then you have to watch out. They might be bed bug bites. All you have to do it is contact us because these creatures breed quickly. We have years of experience of treating pests and our quality assured services will free your premises of them.

Services we provide

We are a renowned pest control company and deal in pest control for all types of insects, rodents, birds etc. in residential, commercial and industrial areas. We have a reputation of delivering on time service. Our business is based in Sydney but we cater to people in neighbouring suburbs too. We have a history of keeping our clients happy by containing the infestation at their homes or offices. As part of the complete package, our staff will also conduct regular inspections and follow-ups of the infested site. Bed Bugs in seam of MattressWe’ll ensure you receive the best bed bugs control in Randwick. Our company provides personalised services to its clients; when a client request comes in, our experts fix a visit to the premises as per the client’s convenience. It is only after thorough analysis that the treatment is started. Every executive is highly trained to tackle different types of pests.

Our expertise

We believe in customer satisfaction and have received positive reviews and feedbacks from our clients. We are dedicated to our clients and will always see to it that the work is completed in a safe manner.  Most clients get in touch with us when the infestation gets out of their hands, which is wrong. As soon as you notice the presence of Randwick bed bugs, you should give us a call.

To hire us call Forensic Pest Management services on 1300 360 457 or visit our website and fill the online form. Our team will attend to you and take care of your requirements. An executive will personally come to your premises for inspection of the infected site, at a time convenient to you. Thereon you will be provided treatment details and a quote. Excellent Randwick bed bugs control has become possible because of our expert treatment solutions. Contact us to get your house free of pests.

Our services in this area include: