How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Alexandria

IMG_0369Some pest infestations can be extremely severe and Alexandria Bed Bugs can create havoc in residential and commercial spaces. If you have noticed a bed bug infestation on your premises, it’s important to call in an expert company to handle pest control for you. DIY methods are ineffective in getting rid of the infestation and in most cases you will find that the problem only worsens. This in because the off-the-shelf pesticides that you buy are only effective in killing the adult bugs. The larvae and eggs do not get killed and within a very short time, you find that Bed Bugs in Alexandria are back in full force.

Specialised Pest Control

We at Forensic Pest Management Services use a range of highly specialised products for Bed Bugs Control in Alexandria. This infestation will require follow-up services and we ensure that the infestation is dealt with very effectively and that your premises are free of these critters within the shortest possible time. Over  the years, we  have built a very a strong presence  in the field and customers across the region  trust  only  us  for  handling all their  pest control  needs.

Our company provides customised services and uses non-toxic and environmentally friendly pest control products. We always suggest to all our customers that it’s best to opt for preventive Alexandria Bed Bugs Control.  This helps in a number of ways as our experts can identify if there is the beginning of an infestation and carry out the required pest control treatment.  When the problem is dealt with on time, it’s easier and quicker to get rid of the infestation.

Tips to Identify a Bed Bug Infestation

It’s also important that you be able to identify the infestation and call us before it gets too severe. Here are a few tips that will help you:IMG_1386

  • These apple seed-sized creatures live in the seams of mattresses and bedding
  • Can be found  in bed frames  and headboards
  • Bed bugs make their home in upholstered furniture, sofas and cushions
  • They live behind picture frames too
  • In some instances you will find them  behind wallpaper  and under carpets as well
  • They can also breed in clutter near  the bed area
  • Since they  creep out onto your bed at  night, you  will not  notice  them  unless  you are actually  looking for them
  • These pests are very mobile and they will generally get carried into a home in luggage, when someone comes back from a trip or vacation

As  you can see, bed  bugs can  breed in a number of different  places and it becomes  important for  you to  spot  the infestation  on time and call Forensic Pest Management Services without  delay. We provide effective Bed Bugs Control Alexandria and ensure that the infestation does not return. For more information, call us on 1300 360 457. Alternatively, you can use this online form to connect with us.  You are assured of the best services at the most cost-effective price points.

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