Bed bugs are small creatures which are not clearly visible to naked eye. They are a menace and prevent people from sleeping soundly. IMG_0369One should seek professional help to eradicate these pests. We at Forensic Pest Management Services are professionals with training and expertise of handling Tennyson Point bed bugs. We started our operations in 2002 and have grown to become the most reputed brands of pest control and provide dedicated services to our clients.

All about bed bugs

Bed bugs are very small insects which are largely found behind wall frames, crevices of cushions, sofas, under the carpets, drapes, seams of mattresses, upholstered and unused furniture like cushioned chairs, etc. They are reddish brown coloured creatures with a habit of multiplying quickly. Bed bugs in Tennyson Point breed in cool and dark areas where sunlight does not reach. The insects feed on human and animal blood, so if you notice some unidentified bite marks on your body and red patches, they might be from bed bugs. If it’s like that, watch out and give us a call without wasting any time. We’ll come to help you out. Eradicating them at the earliest is the best method of containing the infestation.

Pool of services

Other than bed bugs control in Tennyson Point, we also control outbreaks of rodents, termites, birds, cockroaches and other types of insects. Our experts will visit your premises according to your convenience and cause least possible disturbance. We only use environment friendly insecticides and pesticides which cause less harm. Our package also includes regular follow-ups to our clients, as infestation can be eradicated, only through supervision and regular inspections. Also, our employees are trained to handle any type of infestation.

Choose us

You should choose us because we are trustworthy and provide only high quality services to clients. Forensic Pest Beg Bugs Congregating around bedframeIn Tennyson Point bed bugs control has become possible only because of our expert pest control services. We have been in the business for last 13 years and have become the most reputed name in the field of pest control. Our speciality is to provide customised solutions which are effective and quick. We also provide consultancy and roll out authentic information only. Bed bugs infestation is a serious issue and can turn dangerous. You can rely on us for best pest control solutions.

For more information, call Forensic Pest Management Services on 1300 360 457. You can also reach us by visiting our website and filling the online form available there. In a short while our executives will get in touch with you and take down your issues and requirements. They’ll also arrange for a field inspection of your premises as per your convenience. Our personalised approach towards our clients enables us to give them a bigger and detailed picture. Out services will be value for your money. Hire us today to get rid of Tennyson Point bed bugs at reasonable prices. Have trust on us for best in class pest control services.

Our services in this area include: