We are a renowned pest control company which is family owned and operated. At Forensic Pest Management Services IMG_0369we cater to the people of Sydney as well as its neighbouring suburbs. Surry Hills bed bugs are a menace and their small size makes them even more troublesome. Hire us to absolutely get rid of these pests. We provide dedicated pest eradication services to our clients. We started our business in 2002 and since, have become one of the most preferred pest control companies.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs breed in cool and dark areas where sunlight does not penetrate like mattress seams, crevices of cushions and sofas, under carpets, behind wall frames, drapes etc. Bed bugs in Surry Hills are minute insects which feed on animal/human blood. If your body has some unidentified bite marks and red patches then they might have come from these bugs. If so, call us at the earliest, so that it can be contained. Bed bugs can breed in the cleanest of places and so almost any space can get infested with them.

Services offered by us

We deal in eradicating different pests, viz. rodents, termites, birds, insects like cockroaches, bugs etc. Ours is a reputed business which provides personalised pest control services to its clients. We have a team of highly trained executives with expertise of handling every type of infestation. Our Surry Hills bed bugs control treatment starts at our clients’ convenience because pest control is a big difficulty. Our working methods involve least disturbance to clients and their families.

Our services are not limited only to residential premises. We also handle pest control in commercial as well as industrial areas. We also use insecticides and pesticides that are environment friendly. Our personalised services include regular inspections and follow-ups to assess the condition. Pest control is not a one-time treatment. It requires constant supervision and vigilance.

Choosing us

You might think as to why you should choose us over numerous other firms. The answers are quite simple:Bed Bugs in seam of Mattress

  • We have an experience of 13 years during which we have solved thousands cases of bed bugs control in Surry Hills.
  • Almost every client of ours is happy with us because of our timely and efficient services
  • Our dedication towards our clients is incomparable
  • We work to eradicate

Infestations are a serious matter and should not be taken lightly and thus everyone should immediately seek professional help. Call Forensic Pest Management Services on 1300 360 457 and an executive will take down your requirements. You can also reach us through the online form on our website. Our executive will get in touch with you shortly. A meeting will be fixed at your convenience to inspect the infested area or premises. It is only after then the treatment will be decided upon wherein he will also share other relevant details regarding the pest control. Hire us today, to get rid of Surry Hills bed bugs.

Our services in this area include: