All you need to know about termite inspections (part 2)

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Forensic Pest Control hoped you enjoyed last weeks in depth look at termite inspections in Sydney – today the conclusion.

A termite inspection in Sydney needs to be carried out first – before any treatment or protection can begin. Some of the termite inspection techniques may include –

  • A torch with a bright light – this is essential and torches with a krypton bulb give the best light
  • A termite sounding donger – this is a fiberglass rod with a small plastic ball on the end, it is run along skirting boards and higher placed timbers – when it runs over termite infested timber the tone changes – indicating hollowed out timber
  • Moisture meter – this will pick up moisture content in walls and timbers as termites bring moisture from the soil into the timbers
  • Stanley knife and tape – if infested wood is indicated it may be necessary to cut and expose the interior of the timber – identify the termites and then cover it with tape so the termites aren’t disturbed.
  • Listening devices to listen to sounds inside the walls. Often if you tap the wall with your hand and then put your ear to the wall you can hear the termites rubbing their mandibles together.

You can inspect your home for termites, but Forensic Pest Control does recommend you call in the professionals. If you want to perform your own inspection we suggest the following.

  • During spring start your inspection in the yard.
  • If you have any moveable wood that is in contact with the soil – firewood, cardboard boxes, timber, planter boxes etc should be lifted and examined
  • Stumps should be examined using a pocket knife to separate the bark from the wood
  • Also check – compost bins, garages, the bottoms of cardboard or wooden storage boxes, exposed foundation walls and crawl spaces under decks and porches

Inside your home

  • Check the sub floor using a torch, if termite mud leads are found carefully examine their path. If the ends of the mud leads are darker in colour they have been recently built and are still wet indicating possible termite activity – if they are not cracked or damaged they may still be active. If this is the case Call Forensic Pest Control for a full Termite inspection in Sydney.

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