About Carpet Beetles and How to Get Rid Of Them

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Beetles are a common residential pest; garden beetles eat away at leaves and plants in your landscaping. Wood-boring beetles also attack trees and can be found in stacked fire wood etc. The other types of beetles that may be found in Australian homes are carpet beetles. These creatures are miniature in size, eat almost anything and can be extremely destructive.

They feed on organic fibers and if you don’t address the problem right away, they can damage not just the carpeting in your home, but a number of other features and materials such as furnishing, upholstery, clothing and more. Once their population increases, they can cause widespread damage pretty fast. This is why it is crucial to identify and eliminate carpet beetles as quickly as possible in your home. The experts at Forensic Pest Control have put together this guide that will help you get rid of carpet beetles on your property.

Signs that you have a carpet beetle infestation

The very first step is to identify the carpet beetle infestation; some of the signs to look out for include:

  • Clothing, fabric or carpeting that seems to have holes or signs of excessive wear in certain areas.
  • Dead skin and fecal pellets lying in attics, storage boxes, closets etc. Carpet beetles can exist in almost any location in your home.
  • Adult carpet beetles in carpets, furniture or any other areas of your home.

Basic steps to take to get rid of them

Once you have identified that an infestation exists, but aren’t able to pinpoint the exact spot where these creatures are lurking, thoroughly vacuum every area you suspect has carpet beetles in it. This includes carpets, furniture, sock drawers etc. Do a thorough job and vacuum these spaces as often as possible. If you notice any tiny caterpillar-like creatures in any drawers or closet spaces, vacuum those too and as these are carpet beetle larvae.

While you may be able to suck out the carpet beetle larvae and the adult pests from all the areas, the eggs are extremely resilient and they may survive as they are embedded in deep inside the fibers of the clothing or furnishing. The best way is to wash all the clothing from the closet spaces thoroughly and steam clean furnishing and carpets. This helps ensure that all the carpets are thoroughly clean and free of carpet beetle eggs.

Sometimes the infestation is very severe and it becomes difficult for you to handle the job yourself. This is where the services of a professional pest control company comes into the picture. We have been operating in this space for a number of years and know what it takes to provide excellent carpet beetle control solutions.

If you find there is a carpet beetle infestation your property, do not delay in calling us. We provide excellent regular and preventive pest control solutions. For all types of pest control solutions, call Forensic Pest Control on -1300 360 457. This online form can be used to send queries and we will revert within the shortest possible time.

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