Our Guarantee

Pest & Rodent Control in Sydney Suburbs

  • You as our customer will always come first.
  • Our customers will always receive a fast response and on time service.
  • All our technicians have been professionally trained and certified.
  • We will rid your environment from all vermin, rodents, birds and other pests.
  • We only use non-toxic and environmentally friendly products.
  • We will not disrupt your workplace while getting rid of pests.
  • We will leave your premises just as clean as we arrived.
  • We have the broadest range of natural pest control services.
  • We have the most effective range of natural pest control services.
  • We use the most effective treatments to get rid of pests.
  • We have the best professional equipment for pest control.


When you contact Forensic Pest Management Services for pest control services in your area, you can be rest assured that you are dealing with the best in the business. Whether you need pest services on a residential, commercial or industrial site, we service all customers in the Sydney metropolitan area. Our promise to all our customers is that we deliver outstanding services at competitive prices.

All our pest removal technicians have been professionally trained and certified so you can rest assured that when you call on us, you will get the best, most professional natural pest control service performed under the strictest health and safety standards.

When you notice any evidence that you have an infestation of birds or rodents in the Sydney metropolitan area, give us a call. Our professional staff will advise you as to what the best and most effective technique will be to rid your premises of these pests.

Our technicians will get rid of all pests by using industry-leading techniques. The techniques used by our team of professional technicians, allows us to get rid of your rodent problem quickly and efficiently, without any disruption to your work environment. So we promise you  there will be no disruption to you whilst we carry out our pest removal services and after we leave, there will be no mess for you to deal with. You will only be left with a safe, clean, rodent-free environment.

Because we deliver the best & affordable pest removal services on residential, commercial as well as industrial sites, no job is ever too big or too small for us. Forensic Pest Management Services have vast experience in large pest jobs, so you can trust that no job will be too big for us to handle. And you can be sure that we will be able to perform our services at a very competitive price.

Since vermin, birds, rodents and other pests can be harmful and a threat to the health and safety of your family, your employees or your customers, you need to act at the first sign of any of these pests. No customer will gladly come back to your place of business after seeing a rodent roaming the floors. This is why you can’t wait. When you notice any signs of rodents or other pests around, you need to act quickly and decisively to make sure that you get rid of them without delay.

A major problem often encountered by our customers in Sydney, are birds. They are more than just annoying. They damage stock, damage buildings and carry diseases and parasites which are harmful to humans. So you should not try to get rid of these birds yourself. You need the help of our team of professional pest-control technicians. The have been trained in the right techniques and have the latest bird proofing measures to rid your premises of these pest birds.

Our residential, commercial and industrial customers have come to know us as the best in the business when it comes to pest control. This is evident by all the testimonials we have received from satisfied customers we have helped get rid of nasty pests in the past. A big part of our daily business comes from repeat and referral customers who were satisfied by our friendly, honest and reliable service they received in the past.

When you, one of your family members or your staff notice rodent or bird droppings or any other evidence of rodent or bird infestation, give us a call immediately. Our expert pest removal technicians are standing by to deliver a quick, efficient, discreet and cost effective pest control service to all our residential, commercial or industrial customer in Sydney.